GGS Antarctica 2009

dic 18

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After our late, or very early, arrival on Wednesday,we welcomed the
sleep-in with open arms. Yesterday was a day of relaxation, well for us
anyway. Our day started with a lazy breakfast and a slow start, after
changing plans many many times we came up with plan K,to walk to Wordie
hut. After our extremely short zodiac ride to the other-side of the
boat, we began our short walk to the hut. All of us excited got there in
a few minutes. With the teachers and staff lagging behind,,with the key,
we started a very cold, wet and fun game. The snowball fight was
definitely one to be remembered. When the teachers finally joined us we
ventured into the hut to enjoy a yummy snack of Oreo's, cheese and some
sort of cake that no-one was quite sure of. Of course the snowball fight
was not over. Somehow we managed to get Robbo and Eric on the ground and
covered in snow, with Pearcey staying a safe distance away. This was of
course an exhausting game for all of us. Running around in knee deep
snow was definitely an exhausting addition to the game. Trudging back to
the boats we passed three crab eater seals lazing around on their backs
giving us very ...friendly looks. We only had an hour until our long
awaited soccer match with the Ukrainian base. All of us wolfing down as
many carbs as we could, and trying not to look at our beds which we
promise were calling us to them. The match was fun, cold, tiring and one
i'm sure we are all happy with. Losing 4-6 to the Ukrainian team, who i
might add train throughout the year in the snow, was not a bad loss.
Soon the loss was forgotten as their offer for hot showers was snapped
up quickly. We listened about their very interesting lives on their
base, some skillfully listening with their eyes closed. After a 100m
zodiac ride back to the boats, a very yummy dinner and some well
deserved ice cream we all crashed in our warm beds wishing for the
weather to turn.
Podorange was lucky enough to wake up to the smell of Eric's pancakes
this morning which lifted our moods after seeing the weather had in fact
gotten worse. Today the plan, which is most likely going to change, is
for the second ski group to traverse the small island next to us and
return for dinner tonight. Hopefully the weather will turn allowing the
skiers to stay out for a night.
Best wishes to all from Nina F on behalf of the team.

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