Icetrek North Pole Odyssey Plus 2010

Apr 22

Dispatch #13

Published at 07:36
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We were picked up yesterday by helicopter from the North Pole at
2.30pm in perfect weather and flown back to Barneo where we enjoyed in
the warm mess tent. Then the Antonov flight back to Longyearbyen,
arriving around 10.30pm. What a great trip in the company of these
blokes - determination, grit, trust and humour got them through some
tough days and tricky situations. We slogged for almost 12 hours to
make it to the Pole on the 20th and really enjoyed our night at the
top of the world knowing we had no more steps to take the next day.
Many of you will get the stories direct from Jon, Tim and Don. We have
already agreed that the leads were wider, the temperatures colder, the
distances further and the sleds heavier so don't believe everything
they tell you, particularly the far-fetched tale of me sinking my
right leg into the Arctic waters. I dived in of my own accord to save
a seal being wrestled by a polar bear.
I have attached some photos that may go some way towards illustrating
our trip. But as the tireless trio suggested, how do you explain to
anyone the beauty, complexity and vastness of the Arctic ice and the
way we choose to travel over it. Thanks team, for adding another layer
of treasured memories to my vault. Eric


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