Icetrek North Pole Odyssey Plus 2010

Don McDonald
Don is an avid skier, having carved slopes in Japan, New Zealand and Australia. He ran his own successful business for many years while working with the youth-at-risk program, Youth Enterprise Trust. Don has been a director of YET since 2006 and chair since July 2007.
Eric Philips
Eric is the owner of Icetrek Expeditions. He has skied numerous times to both poles and has completed major ski expeditions on the world's four largest icecaps. This is Eric's eighth North Pole season.
Jon McCarthy
Jon is an experienced trekker having completed numerous expeditions to the Himalaya, Andes, New Zealand and Tasmania. He also has a passion for vertical space, including ultralight flying, parachuting, hot air ballooning, abseiling and rockclimbing. Jon is a managing partner of a law firm.
Tim Medhurst
Tim is an accomplished outdoorsman with 30+ years adventuring including the Himalaya, Kilimanjaro and Canada's Yukon. He has wintered in Antarctica with ANARE (Australian National Antarctic Research Expedition) and has had a long time connection with Outward Bound. More recently he has enjoyed surfing holidays with his family in Indonesia. Tim is a supporter of The BiPolar Expedition.