Icetrek North Pole Odyssey Plus 2010

Apr 15

Dispatch #2

Published at 19:17
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The team started slowly after a nasty encounter with a late night Contreau.
Emergency panadol was applied and assembly at 9 am was achieved.

The polar clothing issue continued - Russian economy stimulated by
sale of specialist gear to newly arrived Aussie trekkers.

Time to do gear test and hit the snow on gear familiarity trek. We
were assured that there were no hills up here however Eric, our
intrepid leader, managed to find one for us to ascend - on skis - Don
was heard to mutter something about the incongruity of skiing up

Back to the hangar and the exercise of stuffing all that gear into
four strange devices apparently designed to be towed behind us in such
a manner to ensure a nasty injury to the back of your legs should you
stop quickly - the drill is stop and step to the left - the North Pole
two step!

Food distributed (enough for five days and a spare - looks about the
same amount as we would normally take on a long day trek) - this is
the weight loss trekking company.

Tonight we hit the high spots of Longy = a frontier town if ever there
was one - Tomorrow up early and to the airstrip to be transported to

Anti-anxiety tonic to be consumed this evening - got to go now - have
to buy a spoon!



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