Queen Maud Land Solo Kite Ski

Dec 16

at the airbase

Published at 22:03
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I made an early start knowing I needed to ski over 31km today to make it back to the airbase. Like my first day, my last was overcast but also windy, chilly and a terrible contrast that made it difficult to look for crevasses. Knowing I wouldn't be kiting, with the wind mostly in my face, I wore my comfortable Baffin boots and took to my skis with Flexi bindings - my feet were trashed from skiing and cramponing for days in the rigid Scarpa telemark boots.

Lunch was fun with a visit from a skua, a very insistent skua that pecked at my boots and sled, attempted to get into my food bag and hovered over me in a ploy to harass me into a donation of some sort of morsel but I wasn't giving in, feeding birds in Antarctica doesn't help anyone.

Murphy's law prevailed - final day and poor vis and batteries flat on my GPS (couldn't be bothered digging out new batteries) meant I went the final 15km on dead reckoning, the base eventually appearing after topping a small rise. I skied the 31km in 8 hours and was welcomed in by base commander Oleg Sakharov and his son Serghey. A lovely welcome after my two weeks in the wilderness. I'm now holed up in a heated and powered container, dined and wined, pooped and elated.

As it turned out the flight back to Cape Town is now back to the 20th so I have three days here, recovering and looking through my pics and footage.

I loved this trip, the mix of mountains, blue ice, snow fields, kiting, skiing and the privilege of being alone and a bit wild for two weeks is a joy few get to experience.

Thanks for following.

  • Name: ALCIairbase
  • Elevation: 541 m
  • Latitude: 70° 4922South
  • Longitude: 11° 3847East


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    2015-12-18 05:32:30 Christoph Höbenreich says: Congratulations for your trip to the DML mountains - the most beautiful peaks in the world. Thanks for letting us participiate in your experiences! I see you managed nearly the same route as we did in 2009. Was a real pleasure to meet you in Novo after our recent ski-&mountaineering trip before you started out. Have a safe return and best greetings!
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    2015-12-17 17:33:54 Egil Seljeset - www.nestetur.n says: Hi Eric! Well done! Let me know when you are going back to Queen Maud Land ;) I know I will return some day. As you know, I spent 50 days down there last season. This area is really awesome - Nothing compares to Queen Maud Land and Fimbulheimen! :) -Egil
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    2015-12-17 03:12:10 Lyn & Herman says: Hi Eric, Congrads with the trip, as always thanks for the reports it fantastic to follow you on these trips. We wish you and the family a very merry Christmas.
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    2015-12-17 01:17:49 Lyndy and Heinz says: Followed you every day. Congrat for making it alone without running into trouble. We always enjoy your reports. For us a change too. Tomorrow we leave St.John and fly back to Vermont. Merry Christmas to you and your family.
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    2015-12-17 00:12:40 Jono Medhurst says: Thanks for including me into your trip it was amazing.
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    2015-12-17 00:00:41 Tim Medhurst says: Hi Eric, Looks like a great trip ! Very jealous but pleased you had a wonderful and safe time. Keep well.....Tim
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    2015-12-16 23:04:26 George says: Sounds like an experience glad ur back safe and sound!! Merry Christmas George
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    2015-12-16 22:19:20 JEREMY WEST says: Eric sensational effort, well done.

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