Queen Maud Land Solo Kite Ski

Dec 15

chilly day

Published at 20:53
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I tried kiting straight out of camp but the wind was much too light and on the nose. Worth a shot. Slapped the skins back onto my skis and skied 27km for the day. And for the first time I could feel the cold of Antarctica, skiing with mittens and ruff up all day, it made a pleasant change.

I'm 31km from the airbase and will get an early start and arrive late tomorrow. No point in stopping after 20k or so because the base can be seen from almost 10k out as its at the bottom of a long slope. I'm still above 1000m so there will be a bit of descent though I don't think I'll get lucky with the wind. Wait, a pig just flew past the door, maybe I will.

Photo from today and one from a few days ago on the blue ice.

  • Name: Camp 12
  • Elevation: 1003 m
  • Latitude: 71° 243South
  • Longitude: 11° 556East

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