Queen Maud Land Solo Kite Ski

Dec 14

31km today

Published at 20:18
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Today is the 10th consecutive day of blue sky, most of them with no clouds at all. And today was hot, I mean hot, like around 0C. I was down to thermals and light gloves and my feet steamed for 5 minutes when I took my boots off this evening.

A surprising light zephyr came in from the north west so I launched Big Blue and kited slowly but happily for an hour before it got bored and left me.

Aside from that it was slog city, with Sigur Ros on the waves. Whenever I have an intertwining of atmospheric music, memory, motion and ice, the tears come rolling. It's somehow tinged with both joy (freedom of the hills kind of joy) and grief (the loss of my two brothers and mum). And then it's over as quickly as it came. There's hardly an Antarctic expedition where I don't get overwhelmed like that.

Not very inspiring photos today. Selfie On Ice and my view into the vestibule of my tent. Not sure you can see the steaming feet.

Oh yeah, Thai Chicken Curry. Can you smell it? Better than my feet!

This post is dedicated to my dad. Miss you, love you.

  • Name: Camp 11
  • Elevation: 1285 m
  • Latitude: 71° 1316South
  • Longitude: 101° 3317East

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