Queen Maud Land Solo Kite Ski

Dec 13

I am sailing

Published at 19:39
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I wasn't expecting to be kiting on the return journey but what the hell, I'll take it if its there. A 10kn nor-easter was enough to get my 14sq/m - Big Blue - up and set as I headed off course, gaining too much northerly but no choice, even a sailing boat can't head directly into the wind. I tacked and headed back towards the mountains, a much nicer view and edged hard on a tight reach, gaining some good easterly until the wind strengthened, with it some surface spindrift, and I swapped for my 9. The wind slowly swung more easterly so I tacked again, heading more NNW until it died away, probably OK for Big Blue but by then it was 5.30 and I was done. Only gained 23km advantage but it was so much fun and I'm in no rush. I'd rather be out here than biding my time at the airbase.

I attached my GoPro to the line and took some video and time lapse photos. 90km to go.

  • Name: Camp 10
  • Elevation: 1385 m
  • Latitude: 71° 2524South
  • Longitude: 9° 577East

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