Queen Maud Land Solo Kite Ski

Dec 10

my side of the mountain

Published at 20:24
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This place is too pretty to blitz through so I stayed to sort out my power issues and to climb a mountain. I'm managing to charge everything but my Lumix camera but I have a GoPro and my iPhone so I can still film and photograph. I looked at some footage from when I connected the GoPro to the bridle of the kite and it's pretty epic, I look like a tiny speck and the whole fish-eye thing looks like the curvature of the earth (ice).

Leaving at 10.30 I skied around the moraine and up a snow slope until it got too step. I changed to crampons and with an ice axe crunched my way up a small but perilous slope overlooking a drop to oblivion. Happy to reach the rocky ridge I changed to my Baffin boots and walked up a relatively easy route to the summit arriving at 1pm. An alternative route is by a sheer cliff around 450m high (judging by the height of my camp and the 1936m height of the mountain) that rises direct from the blue ice of the glacier below. You can see the peak through my tent door in the photo. The other pic is a nearby mountain. Not sure anyone has climbed this peak before, it's near a place called Steinskaregga judging by my sat photo. The place was busy with beautiful snow petrels, some nesting in rocky crevasses, some washing in drifts of snow, most gliding gracefully on the wind.

Back down, reversed the ice slope and skied back to camp, 5 hours return.

Spag Bol tonight. Famished.


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