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Dec 08

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Spent the morning bolstering my snow wall to add more protection for my tent against the powerful wind, gusting at 50kn. This little Hilleberg tent is as good as it gets in these extremes but one can never be complacent in a place like this.

Despite the wind the blue sky continues so I skied out to see Kintanna and Holtanna, a 16km round trip. They remind me of the mountains of Patagonia, these are smaller in height but no less imposing. This area is a mecca for ski touring and kiting, if anyone wants to visit let me know and I'll put a trip together next year.

Had some power issues but managed to cobble together a few things to get my power system working again. So that means Breaking Bad season 5, ep 2 tonight. I listen to a lot of podcasts too, my favourite being The Skeptics Guide to the Universe, a great science-based program that debunks all things mythical, religious and unfounded. If any place makes you realise the power of the universe's natural forces it's here in Antarctica.

Tomorrow I head east across Sigynbreen (Sigyn glacier) to the next mountain range. Wind has dropped now, hope it holds tomorrow.


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    2015-12-09 09:53:09 Paul Lewellen says: Great photos and descriptions Eric. Like the Great Wall of Eric protecting your tent. Really enjoy following your adventure ... deeply envious from my desk in London.
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    2015-12-08 19:31:18 Christoph Höbenreich says: Hi Eric, well done! Enjoy this Magic place. If you are heading East now please Salute to the tiny needle "Tiroler Spitze" which we climbed in 2009. Real magic place! Looking foward to be back there in the not too distant future. Good luck and enjoy your trip, Christoph

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