Queen Maud Land Solo Kite Ski

Dec 07

In the mountains

Published at 20:38
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Although only 15km, the kiting this morning was supreme. The wind had swung slightly to the SE and my direction being SW I could reach hard on the wind with the kite set at 2 o'clock. I started with the storm kite, then to the 9 and eventually the 14, but the end picked up too much and I was back to the 4 for the last stretch up a long hill west of Ulvetanna.

I'm camped in a big basin flanked by two giant walls, snow petrels wheeling around their summits, riding the plumes of spindrift. I will stay here a couple of nights and do a little explore tomorrow towards Holtana, a massive rock face in the south of this range.

This afternoon I skied up the slope between the peaks to look at the view and it was nothing short of sublime. The mountain range to the east is a feast of peaks, spires, glaciers and ice falls. I went for a walk along the ridge, startling a petrel, which in turn startled me.

Skied back down and built a snow wall to protect my tent from buffeting winds that come from every direction. Not cold though, just -10c last time I checked. Beef teriyaki tonight, yummy.

Don't forget you can see my blogs in full with photos and google map at www.icetrek.com/ice-blog, www.expenews.com or on my Facebook wall.

  • Name: Camp 4
  • Elevation: 1634 m
  • Latitude: 71° 493South
  • Longitude: 8° 1514East


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    2015-12-09 21:46:55 Geoff wilson says: great stuff Eric ! Glad kites are performing- keep on pushing boundaries champion
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    2015-12-08 04:22:17 Sol says: Good luck mate , stay safe and enjoy the serenity. Awesome trip!! Will be keeping track Cheers Sol
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    2015-12-08 00:43:26 jumping jojo says: oh eric ...it all sounds so wonderful and all that activity plus basking in your adventure keeps you warm eh!!! hope the beef teriyaki topped the days end!! XXX big sis

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