Queen Maud Land Solo Kite Ski

Dec 05


Published at 20:40
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The 20kn and cloud didn't eventuate and I woke to a clear day with 10km from the east. Perfect. I was ready by 9am and launched my orange 9sq/m Ozone kite. Within seconds I was skitting across the ice, weaving the kite in a figure 8 to generate some power. With the sun beaming I was slathered in suncream and dressed pretty lightly - just a base layer and shell. I have a new pair of Scarpa NTN tele boots (taking some time for my feet to get used to them) coupled with Rotefella bindings and Black Diamond skis and I'm loving the combination as I'm often edging hard on a reach to the south-west but with ease. My new kites are amazing too, very easy to handle and steady in the wind. I changed kites 6 or 7 times to accommodate varying wind strength, at one stage leaving the 14sq/m up too long in strengthening wind and having a mini epic trying to pack it away.

I covered 73km today and in addition gained over 800m elevation, now at 1343m. I'm over halfway to Ulvetanna now and see it clearly on the horizon. Mountains abound to the soiuth but Ulvetanna (I think it's wolf's tooth in Norwegian) dominates the skyline. If I get similar wind tomorrow I should be at it's base by evening. Ecstatic!
  • Name: Camp2
  • Elevation: 1343 m
  • Latitude: 71° 2056South
  • Longitude: 10° 336East


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    2015-12-06 06:36:01 Heath says: Looks like a beautiful day! Have an awesome time down there Eric. That's a big tent to have all alone, you won't know what to do with yourself;)
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    2015-12-06 06:01:26 Liz white says: Sounds & looks just fantastic Eric. May the wind and sun be with you (in a Jedi sense!)
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    2015-12-06 00:37:41 Einar Finnsson says: Good luck on your journey Eric :)
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    2015-12-05 22:46:31 Christina says: Loving to follow your adventure! And yes, ulvetanna does mean wolf's teeth in Norwegian ;-) cheers and good luck from Norway!
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    2015-12-05 21:15:01 Clark says: Oh man I'm so jealous. You're basically the master of your own little planet down there. Solo is the new sexy! Fingers crossed for good winds tomorrow for you. And just for kicks here's a joke I heard yesterday. Two vommits were walking down the street (yes vommits) and when they reached the street corner outside a pub, one vommit falls to his knees and starts crying. The other vommit says "hey man are you ok?" and the crying vommit pulls himself together and says "yeah I'm ok, it's just, this is where I was brought up".

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