Queen Maud Land Solo Kite Ski

Dec 04

first day

Published at 21:23
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Despite the forecast for a weekend of wind and drifting snow I made a start, leaving the airbase at 3pm under a ceiling of cloud but light wind. I was hoping to kite on my first day but Antarctica thought otherwise. Warm conditions had me stripped to next to next until my first break when I devoured cool water and a swag of food. After the relatively sedentary 8 days with my Chinese group I'm a bit out of shape and felt the pinch as I climbed steadily throughout the afternoon, gaining 200m in elevation.

After my first break it cooled down despite the sun coming out and illuminating the little nunataks (little peaks rising from the ice) nearby. By the time I camped at 7 it felt like Antarctica should be - cold, icy and serene - but I was pretty tired with 10km of skiing behind me.

I had butterflies this morning but the moment I took my fist steps I hit my mojo and a deep hankering to be far away from the airbase settled in. Crevasses will always be a hazard but years of skiing over glaciated terrain have taught me to read the ice and make the correct decisions. Hoping for wind tomorrow. Perhaps I should be careful of what I hope for!

155km to my destination, the halfway point.

  • Name: Camp 1
  • Elevation: 731 m
  • Latitude: 70° 5228South
  • Longitude: 11° 2657East


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