Pole to Pole Run with Icetrek - South Pole leg

Jan 12

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We are on the plateau we are all loving the exposure. Pat is working hard but smelling the roses. e
  • Accumulated distance: 811 km
  • Distance to go: 340 km
  • Name: Camp 13
  • Höhe: 1969 m
  • Breitengrad: 86° 4623South
  • Längengrad: 81° 4259West


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    2012-01-12 22:22:25 Sandra says: Goodluck Pat keep up the good work. Good to see you are back in the place you love Eric have fun lots of hard work.My thoughts are with you all. Stay safe
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    2012-01-12 14:00:08 Albert Martens says: Keep up the great running Pat - Soon now it will all be over - you are very near to your finish line.
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    2012-01-12 08:33:32 Tom Smit says: Great historic run! Keep going, wonderful to follow you! Cheers, Tom
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    2012-01-12 04:14:58 Trish Tacchi says: Wonderful News !! Stay Safe and Stay Warm. Hugs to everyone - you are all an amazing team.

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