Pole to Pole Run with Icetrek - South Pole leg

Antarctic Team - Ming d'Arcy
Ming is a cameraman from Sydney, Australia. He has covered stories from adventuring sports to political encounters and insights and has been with the Pole to Pole Run Expedition through Central and South America. Ming is looking forward to a foray on the Southern Ice.
Antarctic/Arctic Team - Eric Philips
Eric Philips is the owner of Icetrek Expeditions and senior guide on Pole to Pole Run's Arctic and Antarctic sectors. Eric has skied numerous times to both Poles as well as traverses of Greenland, Spitsbergen, the South Patagonian Icecap and Ellesmere Island.
Antarctic/Arctic Team - Pat Farmer
Pat Farmer is a former Australian politician and Member of the Australian House of Representatives. He is a renowned ultra-distance marathon runner and has previously run across the USA, twice, and around Australia, with no rest days. On April 5 2011, Pat embarked on the longest ultra-marathon in history, "Pole to Pole Run".