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jun 02

the coast beckons

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For much of the day we could see land/water sky to our southeast, the reflection of a darker coastal environment on the underside of the cloud base. It's tempting to make out features in the clouds but they are just...clouds, and not mountains or ocean we imagine. Tomorrow we should get our first glimpse of the coast with its convoluted shore, islands, fiords, dark ocean and icebergs. I remember it well climbing upward from the shore in 1995.

Another record day of 27.5km. Tomorrow early afternoon we should reach the turn off waypoint that marks our descent. We'll camp part way down and arrive Sunday evening, giving Fred plenty of time to film our final and perhaps most rewarding day.


Pics of the team with land/water sky in the background and Fred against a backdrop of clouds and shimmering ice.

  • Nombre: Camp 25
  • Elevación: 1432 m
  • Latitud: 65° 5611Norte
  • Longitud: 39° 1941Oeste


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    2017-06-03 23:03:14 Rob Easther dijo: A great journey nearing completion how satisfying, best wishes for the descent and thankyou for the evolving story and pics. Best wishes, Rob

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