Jade's Quest Greenland Crossing

may 31

land sky

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A solid dump of snow overnight slowed us down a tad and we could only manage 23.5km, still a respectable haul considering Jade's tender age and the ailments we are still collectively dealing with.

Today we saw our first evidence of land with the darkness of the coastal hills reflected off the underside of the cloud base, the same as we saw on the west coast. Land sky! Tomorrow we ski onto my coastal map.

Thanks to Russel and Audun for identifying our little mascot birdie, a Northern Wheatear, which migrates from Baffin Island to Portugal.


Pics of Jade, Paul, Fred, Heath and me.

  • Nombre: Camp 23
  • Elevación: 1741 m
  • Latitud: 66° 11Norte
  • Longitud: 40° 3035Oeste


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    2017-06-01 09:23:39 Willylipsschipper@gmail.com dijo: Hi Eric & team, I've really been enjoying reading your post. Beaytfull pictures! Good Luck for the rest of the expedition. Stay safe. Alles the best (it's what your Dad always said) greeringsteken from me, Willy
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    2017-06-01 01:27:53 Kate Leeming dijo: Hi Eric and team, Not far to go now - you're all doing a great job! I've really been enjoying reading your posts Eric and look forward to hearing more about the journey when you return. BTW, I've had some success on the sponsorship front, so Antarctica beckons this coming season. Good luck for the rest of the expedition. Kate
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    2017-05-31 22:57:42 Keith Tuffley dijo: Hi Eric, Jade and Paul ... looks like a tough trip. True admiration from he has put on 10kg since the South Pole in January. Keep it up and just think of those hot showers at the end of the journey. Jade - you're a legend! Cheers.

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