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may 18

wet blizzard

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Today was a study in tolerance, the day beginning with a thankless sun and drift snow licking at the tent.

Throughout the day the temperature rose and, like spring skiing in the mountains, the snow began balling on our skins, the synthetic fur on the underside of our skis that give glide forwards and grip backwards. It can build up many centimetres and no amount of clever kick striding can get rid of it all.

At lunch I pulled out a block of butter and 'waxed' the skins with it. The effect was immediate and Paul and Jade, who'd reverted to booting, were back on skis and the pace picked up again.

But the wind just wouldn't let up and we were soon engulfed in a wet blizzard that went from lashing slush to rain. The horizon was obliterated and at the end of the sixth hour I called an end to the show, knowing we'd need extra tent time to dry out our underclothes. Behind a makeshift wall of sleds we pitched the tents, secured them against the wind and crawled into our damp but glorious havens.

Everyone did brilliantly in the testing conditions but the forecast is for similar over the next couple of days. Ugh!


Pics of Paul and and morning camp, the last shaft of sunlight, Jade striding into the mire and our current camp
  • Nombre: Camp 10
  • Elevación: 1952 m
  • Latitud: 66° 3939Norte
  • Longitud: 46° 515Oeste


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    2017-05-19 08:08:28 Willylipsschipper@gmail.com dijo: Horrible adventure. i wish l you all many perseverance. Be warm. Greetings! Xxx
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    2017-05-18 23:04:10 John Mullen dijo: Very different conditions - they sound horrible. Congrats on great progress nonetheless! The end is almost in sight!
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    2017-05-18 22:36:57 colin hood dijo: Wish I was with you. Perhaps left it too late in life!!
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    2017-05-18 22:27:06 Keith Tuffley dijo: Brutal Eric. Sympathy from me. I've never seen you butter skins before, but there is no shortage of innovative solutions you come up with. Mind you - I'd prefer to be skiing in sticky, wet conditions in the wilderness than suffer the daily news disasters of Trump.

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