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may 13

My winter coat

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With music plugged into my ears we skied across the rolling plains in bright sunshine and a light headwind. It was nice to be dressed warmly against the chilly breeze, my Mont puffy jacket such a luxury as an outer layer.

In the third hour a Paul Kelly ballad, My Winter Coat, had me in tears, the lyrics, melody and tension in the song amalgamating to produce a flood of emotion, not sad, quite the contrary. My love of cold and winter, today marking 2 months away from my family, the loss of my mother and two brothers, the joy of being out here, and sharing it with novices, the track washed it all out. Music - such power it wields.

Heath and I alternate navigating and there's much to do to stay on track. His military training has given him excellent skills and he's here both as support to camerawoman Fred but also as an assistant guide. Jade navigated for an hour after lunch with the sun and shadow at right angles and did a great job.

Another 20km under our skis today.


Pics of the team skiing and our motley crew, from left, Jade, Paul, Heath, Fred and me.
  • Nombre: Camp 5
  • Elevación: 1366 m
  • Latitud: 67° 836Norte
  • Longitud: 48° 3656Oeste


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    2017-05-15 05:34:07 Rob Cox dijo: Paul Kelly songs are our standard music selection when we are travelling in Australia.Great photos & loving the posts
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    2017-05-14 10:40:56 Willylipsschipper@gmail.com dijo: The Pool = the Pole!!!
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    2017-05-14 09:35:07 Julie & Dixie dijo: Compelling, honest & beautifully written text, Eric. Cheers to life in all of its complexities!
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    2017-05-14 07:30:36 Willylipsschipper@gmail.com dijo: Hi people, enjoy the adventurous wonderful life on the Pool. Be careful. Greetings for all. Xxx
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    2017-05-14 07:00:43 Rob Easther dijo: You paint a good picture of the solitude, and the toil to accompaniment of music...shades of ascending Big Ben all those years ago...good travelling to you all. Rob

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