New Route via Reedy Glacier to South Pole

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Our mottled sky persisted until the first break before a heavy low bank of cloud engulfed us. This made for interesting navigation as all contrast was obliterated.

My companions are awesome. As predicted we have a gut-busting group belly laugh at least once a day, either over some minor misfortune or a cracker quip. For example Keith spent one morning looking for his toothbrush, commenting how it needs to be kept sanitary, only to have it drop out of his pants while crapping, missing his turd by a cm.

Keith's history of endurance events and snow sports made for a relatively easy transition into expedition life and he spends most evenings modifying clothing, looking after his body and poring over maps and his diary. Rob's impetus for this expedition was undertaking a big goal in life that helped bring awareness to the scourge of cancer, which racked his family and friends, and then himself. Rob has been a picture of stoicism, dealing with one ailment after the other without a complaint and now finding himself strong and fit, poised within the final 200km of the South Pole.

Great friends both. And funny buggers.


Pic of our trio, from left, Keith, me and Rob, and Rob striding out before the whiteout hit.

  • Nombre: Camp 23
  • Elevación: 2933 m
  • Latitud: 88° 1338Sur
  • Longitud: 127° 1456Oeste


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    2016-12-31 02:48:31 Karen dijo: Three amigos in the best sense of the expression !
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    2016-12-31 01:28:55 John Kolm dijo: A tough day today, an uphill trek under grey skies and windy conditions. Of course I was just taking a leak in my backyard, but still.
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    2016-12-30 21:36:41 Arthur and Kareyn dijo: Good place to keep the beer cold
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    2016-12-30 09:44:35 Tim dijo: Your all so inspiring and inspiring more people than you'll ever know. So good, so awesome. Thanks for your great work all. Tim.

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