New Route via Reedy Glacier to South Pole

dic 29

Twenty Twos

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I felt ratshit today, no energy, no power, no stamina. Just one of those days where tentlife couldn't come soon enough.

But I could still appreciate the beauty. A bank of mottled clouds rolled in from the south, intermittently blanketing us in shadow and bathing us in sun. Each sunny spell was rebirth all over. Even the shadows on the frickin' sastrugi had me mesmerised.

We are in the 88th parallel and above the height of South Pole. We've covered 385km with 220 to go. It's our 22nd day, we did 22km and it was -22c. And I need 22 hours sleep!


Pics of Rob and Keith on the trail with parhelion behind, and our plotting map.

  • Nombre: Camp 22
  • Elevación: 2910 m
  • Latitud: 88° 143Sur
  • Longitud: 127° 1015Oeste


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    2016-12-29 22:35:44 Heath dijo: Hi Eric, Rob and Keith. Love reading the updates. I imagined Richie Benaud reading out todays one with all those 22's! Good luck and enjoy the last 220km!
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    2016-12-29 12:16:43 Christoph H. dijo: Hi Eric & Team! Your spirits are high so gogogo and hope to see you in UG!
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    2016-12-29 08:49:35 Jose Naranjo dijo: It is to be admired all the good job you all of you guys are doing to get the South Pole. Go for it!!

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