New Route via Reedy Glacier to South Pole

dic 26

Our Christmas day

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We woke to our Christmas stockings bulging with a shot bottle of Inverglen whisky, courtesy of Santa Rob. Being virtually on the date line I think we may be the last people on earth ushering in Christmas Day.

I'll talk no more of sastrugi only to say that it took some time to find a tent site tonight. We laboured 9 hours for just 21km, our most difficult day yet. After lunch a strong wind blew in from the SW sending adding some bite to the -22c.

In Australia it's Boxing Day and my son Kip's 15th birthday. Happy birthday Kip. It was my daughter Mardi's 21st last month and my wife Susy's on Jan 1. ''Tis the season! I love you guys, almost as much as this bottle of Inverglen. Sorry to be missing so much but I'm at work!


Pic of some sastrugi and me with my booty.

  • Nombre: Camp 19
  • Elevación: 2730 m
  • Latitud: 87° 2726Sur
  • Longitud: 127° 247Oeste


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    2016-12-26 10:08:03 dijo: fine againr to hear from you. despite harh weather conditions; your journey through. I experienced the most extraordinary Christmas of my life. 41degrees C and a fishing club. For you and your friends a prosperous journey. BBFN
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    2016-12-26 10:03:45 Jose Naranjo dijo: Merry Christmas Eric! I hope Santa will give you as a present a flat surface, zero wind and sunny days from now to the end of your expedition :)

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