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thank you to supporters

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I have some sponsors that I'd like to thank, some of them have been supporting me since 2002. The equipment they manufacture and services they provide are perfect for my polar expeditions and a trip wouldn't be complete without them.

Mont Adventure Equipment www.mont.com.au
Hilleberg the Tentmaker www.hilleberg.com
Baffin Footwear www.baffin.com
Smith Optics Eyewear www.smithoptics.com.au
Lum-Tec Watches www.lum-tec.com
Smitten Merino www.smittenmerino.com.au
Satila of Sweden www.satila.ru
G-Layer Communications www.g-layer.com.au

Thanks to all of you.



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    2015-12-18 13:07:15 Lum-Tec dijo: Thank you Eric!
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    2015-12-18 07:23:32 Vadim dijo: Thank you Eric! We are alway at your diposal. PS: May we borrow some QML snow for snowless St.Pete?
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    2015-12-17 23:35:17 smitten merino dijo: Thanks and well done Eric

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