Icetrek North Pole Extreme Ski 2010

Apr 01

Dispatch #2

Published at 13:47
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Today was a day of action as we prepare for tomorrow's departure for the Great North. In the morning we finalised food and equipment, ensuring we have all we need for 8 days+ on the Arctic ice. Every polar adventurer is a stickler for detail as nothing can be left to chance. The tent was packed away at the end of last season in perfect condition but it must be checked before we leave; perhaps a mouse chose to burrow in for winter, perhaps damp and mould made its way to the fabric. The stove never lets me down but we test drive it anyway. Screws holding the bindings to the skis are checked, ski poles scanned for fractures. It's all good. Following this we headed out for some ski training. This gives me an opportunity to check out Cathy's balance and co-ordination - both great - and gives her a chance to test her gruesome face mask (check the pics) against the biting head wind. Also great. Despite the wind it's a beautiful day and the mountains across the water sparkle and shine. Like me, Cathy reckons it would be a great place to own a coastal cabin. On our return to the warehouse we packed our sleds and will have them weighed at 5pm. We are set to go. Next dispatch...from the ice. Eric Images of Cathy skiing and Cathy and me. Who needs polar bear deterrents with a mask like that!


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