Jade's Quest Greenland Crossing

Jun 07

final photos

Published at 12:18
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I forgot to post the pics for the final blog, here they are. We are now in Tasiilaq and all dried and packed for freighting back to Australia. Paul and Jade are on their way home, Fred left yesterday, me tomorrow and Heath once he?s had his fill of adventures around Tasiilaq.

Thanks very much to our regular supporters, you help make life on the ice such a joy.

Mont Adventure Equipment - www.mont.com.au
Julbo Eyewear - www.mont.com.au/other-gear/eyewear
Hilleberg Tents - www.hilleberg.com
Lum-Tec - www.baffin.com
Baffin Footwear - www.lum-tec.com
Satila - www.satila.ru
G-Layer - www.g-layer.com.au
Smitten - www.smittenmerino.com.au
ExpeNews - www.expenews.com


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