Jade's Quest Greenland Crossing

Jun 05

the end

Published at 00:31
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Our last day on the ice was fun, relaxed and visually exciting as the coastline opened up more with every crest we topped. On the steeper slopes we sat on our sleds and tobogganed down, steering with skis on either side and braking with a rope trace thrown over the bow if needed.

We finally reached the coastal foothills and planted foot on our first rocks in 27 days. It was joy and relief all in one. We climbed up to visit nearby Isortoq hut.

But I am not writing this blog from a comfortable hotel room. Despite informing the helicopter owner months ago of our payload the AS350 Squirrel was too small to accommodate the sleds so Fred, Jade and Paul flew to Tasiilaq with some belongings while Heath and I remain in our tent and hope for a larger helicopter tomorrow. Somewhat anticlimactic but there are worse places to be stranded!


Pics of Paul tobogganing, selfie of Heath, me and Fred, Jade and Paul takin a moments rest, team outside the hut and the Squirrel taking off.

  • Name: Finish
  • Elevation: 111 m
  • Latitude: 65° 3632North
  • Longitude: 38° 5124West


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    2017-06-05 17:19:18 Eden Maxwell says: Well done Eric and team
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    2017-06-05 10:25:26 Mike Sharp says: Looked like quite a tough trip guys. well done I have been following with interest. different from a crossing in April! Well done Antarctica next
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    2017-06-05 08:42:37 victor says: Congratultions dear team ! Well done Hope to see another movie with Jade starring! All my best
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    2017-06-05 08:28:18 Geoff Murray says: Congratulations on another brilliant expedition Eric. And a huge congratulations to Jade. So good to see a youngster with such spirit!!
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    2017-06-05 08:26:51 Hilly says: Time to enjoy some musk ox and a bevvy Jamo!
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    2017-06-05 08:03:06 Ed Suttie says: Many congratulations to all, a great achievement and an inspiration to follow from a far. Enjoy the shower!
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    2017-06-05 07:59:35 Willylipsschipper@gmail.com says: Happy Birthday Jade, congrats Eric and team, so glad your adventure! What a super expedition. Go home and enjoy. Safe travel. Hugs xxx willy
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