Jade's Quest Greenland Crossing

Jun 03

final supper

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The usual northerly wind raged overnight and abated by 9am. This enabled the cloud bank that sat in a valley below to wash up and over us, creating a screen against the blaring sun.

Before lunch the first peak breached the horizon and slowly grew and expanded to reveal a mountain range. Eventually our entire southeastern skyline was adorned with classic east coast Greenland vistas.

We have begun the descent and are now camped at 864m elevation with only 17km to go.

Jade has all but completed her crossing of the Greenland icecap. At 15 she will be the youngest girl to have crossed Greenland, she turns 16 on Monday and she's done it well. Not a word of complaint despite 27 days of blisters, long days, adult company and dad jokes. Paul has been a magnificent support to her and also hasn't had an easy time of it with his own share of blisters and knee pain.

Fred has single-handedly filmed the expedition, with conventional camera as well as GoPro and drone, and diary-cam contributions from Jade, and Heath has supported Fred and the team by carrying extra load and he's shared the navigation with me. They have both been great tent partners too. Thanks also to our logistics partner Lars Ebessen for support during the prep of the expedition and advice during the crossing.

Tomorrow will be a scoot down the hill, perhaps some of it bob sledding, avoiding crevasses and melt-streams. My only hope is that tonight we are spared from the infamous east Greenlandic wind, the Piteraq. It is a katabatic wind that spawns from the icecap and roars downslope at demonic speeds. We're well prepared but wary nevertheless.

Until tomorrow...


Pics of breaking camp, first peaks on the horizon, Paul with mountain backdrop and our camp overlooking the coast.

  • Name: Camp 26
  • Elevation: 864 m
  • Latitude: 65° 4554North
  • Longitude: 38° 5557West


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    2017-06-05 11:08:24 big sis... says: a mammoth effort to all involved and i have thoroughly enjoyed every step of the way!! thankyou everybody and your memories are bound to be treasured!! XX
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    2017-06-04 07:36:55 Willylipsschipper@gmail.com says: Hi Eric and team, First of all, my compliment's for Jade, she is a hero ïne. My best wishes for the last of the trips. Regards from Willy
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    2017-06-03 23:51:04 Keith Tuffley says: I can't imagine all the Dad jokes ... A simply amazing effort and achievement Jade - you're an inspiration to everyone.

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