Jade's Quest Greenland Crossing

Jun 01

lightning fast

Published at 22:04
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Wind continued overnight but I was glad of it as it tends to harden a soft snow surface. On stepping out of the tent we hit pay dirt, or at least firm ice, and it showed in our speed, covering 27km in a little over 7 hours of hauling.

To boot it was a sensational day, pseudo polar with a cold wind from the north that kept us in mitts, warm hats and ruffed up until after lunch when the wind died off.

We are back in the rolling coastal hills that herald a nearby steep descent. A couple of days more and we begin the drop to the coast which we should be able to achieve in a day. I've been trying to line up a few ducks by text and email - helicopter pickup, accommodation in Tasiilaq, flights home...modern world here we come! But the last thing I can afford is to lose concentration on the task ahead - negotiating potential crevasse fields, melt streams, moulins, bears etc - paramount is to bring the team to a safe conclusion. Only then can I truly relax.


Pics of Heath striding into a rest break and the team out to lunch.

  • Name: Camp 24
  • Elevation: 1509 m
  • Latitude: 65° 582North
  • Longitude: 39° 5542West


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    2017-06-02 21:43:03 Eden Maxwell says: A voyage well spent
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    2017-06-02 10:47:54 Rob cox says: 27km. Great work guys
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    2017-06-02 08:29:46 Tracy Christopherson says: 27 km in 7 hours is a respectable pace. Keep up the solid effort mates! And above all stay safe. Those are wise words to not let thoughts of the front country distract you from the job at hand.

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