Jade's Quest Greenland Crossing

May 29

polar bear tracks

Published at 23:42
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The morning was spectacular with a relatively firm surface and no wind. As the day progressed cloud rolled in from the east making navigation tricky.

Just before lunch we came across polar bear tracks, covered in last nights light snowfall. On analysis we could see it was a mother and cub, the smaller tracks evident inside and alongside the larger. The duo were heading west, inland, to an inhospitable and foodless place. The cub seemed to be resting every 50m or so, likely tired and hungry.

It's a bit concerning having a hungry and probably desperate adult bear nearby. I've placed a rope around our camp with skis propped up to clatter onto sleds if a bear walks through. Our shotgun lies in the vestibule and each of us have a shovel or iceaxe nearby.

24.6km today. We've covered 408km and have another 150km and one week to go.


Pics of morning skiing, bear tracks, selfie (usual blistered face from chillblains) and evening camp.

  • Name: Camp 21
  • Elevation: 2054 m
  • Latitude: 66° 418North
  • Longitude: 41° 3411West


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    2017-05-30 19:25:48 Willylipsschipper@gmail.com says: Hi Eric & crew, Good Luck for successful trip. Be careful for bears, stay safe. Have pleasure xxx
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    2017-05-30 02:27:22 Papa Boz says: Looks like you are continuing to make good progress under very difficult conditions. Let's hope the polar bear moves away from you. Stay alert and stay safe. Love you all
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    2017-05-30 00:24:49 Uncle pete/bob says: Thinking of you both fantastic effort love you heaps your my first post on iPad see you in July it looks really beautiful up there xx
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    2017-05-29 23:47:59 Rob Cox says: Keep the shotgun close. How is Heaths leg holding up?

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