Jade's Quest Greenland Crossing

May 28

buttered up

Published at 23:22
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A small bird has become our companion, visiting the last few mornings and taking shelter in the ski bindings or next to a sled. Very cute and seemingly unafraid. Just before heading off a huge flock of birds passed us, perhaps thousands strong, morphing and melding as it flew by.

From the get go we were engulfed by a pall of still warm air that turned the snow to a sticky miasma that balled on our ski skins. A quick smear of butter and we were back in glide mode.

Lunch brought a change in fortune and a snow-laden breeze cooled us and our melting chocolate.

I broke trail all day to give Heath's left leg a much needed rest. He has a swollen ankle and shin muscle from an unknown cause. The 26km through thick snow has taken its toll, I'm pretty buggered.

I just heard our mascot birdie chirping outside!


Pics of our mascot, Jade's photo of the team on the trail and me buttering up the skis.

  • Name: Camp 20
  • Elevation: 2178 m
  • Latitude: 66° 637North
  • Longitude: 42° 616West


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    2017-05-29 22:04:54 Ed Suttie says: Greetings Eric, Paul, Jade....you guys are awesome, enjoying following the expedition. The bird looks like a Greenland wheatear and its a female. They like insects and berries if you have any!
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    2017-05-28 23:32:19 Rob Cox says: Great work guys

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