Jade's Quest Greenland Crossing

May 26


Published at 23:30
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We finally had some cold this morning somewhat resembling a polar environment with small snotsicles growing on face masks. It was quite a relief from the balmy days.

I had a look at Paul and Jade's blisters tonight and they're not pretty. The warmth has taken its toll, polar boots are overkill up here. Heath has some bruising on his shin bone and Fred's lungs are still full of crap. I'm fine, just a bit pooped by the end of our 26km day, a record. We hope to keep this up for the next week perhaps getting some downhill advantage although an average of around 60m per day will hardly be noticeable. Today we descended 50m. The final descent from 1850m to almost sea level down the flank of the icecap might be fun.


Pics of Fred skiing in the morning gloom and team in the afternoon sunshine.

  • Name: Camp 18
  • Elevation: 2444 m
  • Latitude: 66° 1349North
  • Longitude: 43° 1338West


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    2017-05-27 16:06:46 Willylipsschipper@gmail.com says: Dear people, what a hard day I read. I wish you a lot of perseverance on your trip. Be careful. Greetings by Willy xxx
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    2017-05-27 15:59:22 Willylipsschipper@gmail.com says: Beste mensen, wat een zware dagen zoals ik lees. Ik wens jullie sterkte en doorzettingsvermogen in jullie trip. Wees voorzichtig xxx
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    2017-05-27 09:47:39 Rob r says: Enjoy going down to the coast. It is magic part of Greenland.
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    2017-05-26 23:45:12 Bill Spindler says: Ouch...here's hoping everyone gets healthy! Blisters especially can be a real pain in the ---t!

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