Jade's Quest Greenland Crossing

May 25

summit fever

Published at 23:22
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We gained elevation all day, checking the GPS at every break. I assumed we'd hit the summit (which is actually perfectly flat) around lunch but we are now camped at our highest point - 2495m. Tomorrow we will be on the descent, slow at first but eventually we will see hills and valleys of snow reminiscent of our ascent.

Yesterday we hit an emotional low but today, to coincide with our summit, we sprang back with a high that sets us up for positive spirits as we push our daily distances higher again. Yay and, er, yay?

The afternoon became windless and we all skied with just a base layer up top and barehanded.

We remain on 127? mag bearing to the top of the icefall around 220km away and today we topped 300km since our departure. And another yay!


Pics of my painted skis, a typical horizon view, my shadow and our trail and Heath haloed by the sun.

  • Name: Camp 17
  • Elevation: 2495 m
  • Latitude: 66° 178North
  • Longitude: 43° 4739West


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    2017-05-26 07:26:46 Willylipsschipper@gmail.com says: Geweldig, wat een plezier en voldoening jullie hebben. Ik leef met jullie mee. Geniet/ en veel succes Eric & crew. Xxx
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    2017-05-25 23:32:14 Laurie Jacob says: Well done Eric and crew. A bit of downhill for while now. Wish I was there for that! It's great following your exploits, keep up the good work. Laurie.

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