Jade's Quest Greenland Crossing

May 25


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A landmark day, we covered the halfway mark in the afternoon and tomorrow pass over the summit. Our tent celebrated with a nip of vodka.

Nothing overly remarkable otherwise, aside from the afternoon being windless and warm, bare hands weather, evident in my selfie.

Overnight temperatures are getting colder, the forecast for tonight is -17?C. Bliss!


  • Name: Camp 16
  • Elevation: 2435 m
  • Latitude: 66° 2017North
  • Longitude: 44° 2024West


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    2017-05-25 05:56:51 Willylipsschipper@gmail.com says: Congratulations on the halfway point from me too. Take care and have pleasure on your trip. Greetings And... best careful! Xxx
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    2017-05-25 03:02:23 David & Greer says: Sorry we missed your call, lovely to hear your voice. We are following your trek every day, pleased to hear everything is going well. Take care for the 2nd half. Love xx
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    2017-05-25 00:31:18 Mt Creek Hobart says: Congrats on the halfway point, safe travels for the 2nd half of the trip, hopefully no hangovers this morning, haha! Mt Creek Hobart
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    2017-05-25 00:23:38 colin says: a nip of vodka huh...I rescued three Japanese from being blown away in a windstorm at Cape Crozier once when there with dogs to make a film...wrote a story after called ' A nip in the air' Go you guys & gals....but look after eric.

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