Jade's Quest Greenland Crossing

May 22

new reality

Published at 22:36
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Today was the first day of our new reality, that of upping our hauling time to 8 hours, more like 8.5 for Jade and Paul and the tail who are usually 5 minutes longer for each session. But it paid off, we covered a respectable 24.6km.

My aim is to hold this mileage until the summit of the plateau 65km to our east. From there, with the benefit of gravity, lighter sleds, adaptation to longer hours in the saddle, perhaps tail winds, not to mention finishing-line frenzy, we should be able to cover 28 or 29k's per day until the more technical icefall that leads to solid ground.

More exotic clouds today, whipped up by the same strong wind that blanketed the surface with a haze of spindrift. The very same wind helped to stave off the heat of a 0?C day.

230km covered, around 320 to go. Two weeks on the trail, tomorrow marks half our food, 2250m elevation, -8?C tonight, jokes getting bad!


Pics of clouds, team at days end and Fred and Heath fresh into the tent.

  • Name: Camp 14
  • Elevation: 2250 m
  • Latitude: 66° 2540North
  • Longitude: 45° 2646West


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    2017-05-23 18:48:04 Willylipsschipper@gmail.com says: Amazing team, what a experience! Lots of love, stay safe xxx
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    2017-05-23 03:26:35 Aunty Karen / S.I.L. says: 24.6km - amazing ! ! I was excited with my 2.6km walk on my treadmill this morning looking at my ipad !!- I am bursting with pride and admiration on your achievements thus far Jada and Paul, you are both amazing. Lots of love Aunty Karen xx
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    2017-05-23 02:47:43 Papa Boz says: Hi Jade & Paul, you are doing great as we knew you would. What a tough terrain & climate to experience. Your training is standing you in good stead to achieve your goal so keep looking ahead. What a great achievement for the team. We are following every step. Love Papa Boz
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    2017-05-22 23:51:10 Rob Cox says: Great work guys Bring on the 28k days!!

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