Jade's Quest Greenland Crossing

May 21

Dying 2 leave

Published at 23:58
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A 7am start after our late night had us on the ice by just after 9 and we reached DYE II by 11. We were not alone at the giant structure that looks like a cross between the Taj Mahal and some weird bug-eyed giant insect. Part of the Norwegian team was camped there, awaiting an evacuation flight, as well as a team from the US army on winter training and a scientific group studying surface melt.

Inside was a horrible stinky mess. Twenty two years ago it had been seldom visited since its 1988 decommission and could have been preserved as a monument but now multiple teams per season have left their mark with contents of the station strewn all over the place, windows broken, graffiti everywhere and unflushable toilets full of shit, recent shit. What an abomination. Glad to be camped 15km away and out of sight.

We crossed the Arctic Circle at DYE II and are now in the sub-Arctic. Tomorrow we up the ante and begin 8 hours of hauling which should give us 24km.


Pics of arriving at DYE II, a magazine from the 80's, Fred exiting the building and Jade arriving at a rest stop.

  • Name: Camp 13
  • Elevation: 2168 m
  • Latitude: 66° 2819North
  • Longitude: 45° 5915West


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    2017-05-25 07:18:38 Rob r says: I remember in your film that you said something like the sooner the ice cap swallows it the better.. when I visited I had such mixed thoughts i - nteresting to see but looking trashed
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    2017-05-22 07:40:46 Rob Easther says: Hi Eric, how well I remember the image of this building emerging from the horizon in your film of the expedition…pity it's not been looked after especially as its obviously accessible by aircraft. Tally ho and hi to Freddy too. Rob

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