Jade's Quest Greenland Crossing

May 21

half day

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Another wet storm hit us overnight and persisted until 4pm. We used the time wisely, tinkering with gear, filming interviews, reading and snoozing.

At 4.15pm we skied off into a clearing horizon and the late afternoon entertained us with scenes to the west of epic cloud displays, from dark Armageddonesque fronts to rolls of silver-lined nimbus to sheer mists that enveloped all but the snow beneath us. Clouds like this are rare on the Antarctic plateau but quite common here it seems.

Tents up by 10pm with DYE II just 5km away.

Tomorrow we cross the Arctic Circle which rims the earth at approx N66.30.


Pics of Paul skiing towards DYE II, Heath confronting Armageddon, silver-lined horizon, Heath and Fred and Heath, Jade and Paul pulling into camp.

  • Name: Camp 12
  • Elevation: 2058 m
  • Latitude: 66° 3052North
  • Longitude: 46° 2349West


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    2017-05-21 05:53:43 Rob R says: Really enjoying reading about the crossing. Brings back great memories
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    2017-05-21 01:10:25 colin says: love image # one in purple-dyed jacket...the die is cast...those dinky-di Ozzies head st as a die towards DYEII
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    2017-05-21 01:00:57 John M says: Keep up the effort Eric - wonderful reading the blog and wishing I was there with you (even though I doubt that I could keep up with young Jade!)... Stay safe. John

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