Jade's Quest Greenland Crossing

May 19

rest day

Published at 12:34
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Sleet continued overnight and we woke to a wet tent, buried sleds and long drifts downwind. As we experienced yesterday afternoon, with the rain penetrating down to the skin, travelling in these conditions is tough at best, dangerous at worst and I called a rest day. The rain sure does seem to be following me Tom. Give me -40 any day!

I had a good Twitter comment about crossing Greenland in May. My preference would be April but I was not available due to other trips and a conference I had to attend in early May. May crossings are not uncommon, there are at least three other teams on the ice, but all will be suffering this warm blizz. In 1995, with the objectives of kayaking parts of the east coast and paddling a white-water river to Kangerlussuaq, I crossed Greenland in summer and it was also at times very unpleasant.

As for skins balling up, we have skis with a pattern base but the grip is likely insufficient while we are still ascending with relatively heavy sleds. Will try when the weather clears up.

The sun is forecast to peak through on Sunday and all our soggy woes will be forgotten.

Happy birthday Charli!!



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    2017-05-19 17:45:09 Keith Tuffley says: Enjoy the rest day ... a highlight of any expedition!

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