Jade's Quest Greenland Crossing

May 17

clouds of Greenland

Published at 21:34
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Windy overnight which held on until late afternoon, but it's forecast to return.

Clouds abounded, sweeping in from the south east, at times obscuring the sun and stealing our shadows. But they tempered the sun and gave us relief from its oppressive heat.

We covered another 20km. Jade had a tiring day, this is such a challenging undertaking for an adult let alone a teenager! Heath and I strode off ahead for the final hour and pitched both tents.

Tomorrow we will be over a quarter of the way with a third of our food and fuel spent. This discrepancy is pretty usual on polar trips with speed and distance increasing with fitness, acclimatisation and lighter sleds. We will have the added benefit of beginning our descent in another 144km.


Pics of Heath doing push-ups, panorama of skiers and sky, Paul and Jade arriving at camp and our tented icescape.

  • Name: Camp 9
  • Elevation: 1836 m
  • Latitude: 66° 4553North
  • Longitude: 47° 718West


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