Jade's Quest Greenland Crossing

May 16


Published at 21:29
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Today was ridiculously warm, perhaps 1 or 2 above zero. To you folks out there with no experience of the polar environment that might seem terribly cold but in bright sunshine and no wind the effect is one of uncomfortable heat. Ok if standing still but when dragging a sled 20km in 7 hours it's like being on a Bahamian beach.

Paul's knee is now playing up as a consequence of compensating for his blisters and he's been in pain much of the day. But we covered good ground, 20km, and found a wonderfully flat campground on top of a broad hill. It doesn't always happen that way, we are sometimes at days end while trudging up a long slope and need to find horizontals amongst the incline.

We've covered 116km and have another 325km to go. With 22 days food remaining we should be sweet!


Pics of team climbing the final hill for the day, Heath (left) and Paul collecting snow for melting and Jade shovelling snow onto the tent flaps as Fred films.

  • Name: Camp 8
  • Elevation: 1711 m
  • Latitude: 66° 5259North
  • Longitude: 47° 2818West


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