Jade's Quest Greenland Crossing

May 15


Published at 22:40
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Our camera operator Frederique has been on many shoots in cold and other places, for Disney, BBC, National Geographic, SBS... This Greenland expedition is being shot for Nat Geo and, together with South Pole at the end of the year, will become a feature-length documentary.

Today Fred could be seen filming interviews, navigation, sledding sequences, stomping ahead with a GoPro on a 6m camera pole while Heath took her sled. She's like an Eveready bunny.

In the morning much of the snow we ski across is like verglas, shiny and hard until the sun starts to soften it in the afternoon. The last three hours were pretty steamy with snow on the surface of our skis melting in the sun.

As we pitched camp a plane trail caught by a gentle breeze turned into a lyrebird feather.


Pics of Fred wielding her camera, Heath drinking from his tent boot, lunch break on the ice and the funky plane trail.

  • Name: Camp 7
  • Elevation: 1627 m
  • Latitude: 67° 11North
  • Longitude: 47° 4652West


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    2017-05-16 23:04:22 Rob Cox says: Heath has been watching Daniel Ricciardo doing a few too many 'shoey's on the podium
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    2017-05-16 11:10:35 Willylipsschipper@gmail.com says: Great report ans photograph Enjoy prosperous trip - be careful! Greetings xxx
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    2017-05-16 06:18:53 christophersontracy says: That is a spot on comment about Fred, the Ever Ready Bunny. That woman is indefatigable! Love the feather cloud photo, and learning new uses for booties...Cheers!
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    2017-05-15 23:29:24 Zofia says: Haha, Eric, your photo of Heath today cracked me up! drinking from the bottle is so 2016 :) How do you actually keep warm in the tents? Aside from wearing tent boots. Loving your writing style.

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