Jade's Quest Greenland Crossing

May 14


Published at 22:37
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Cold overnight and together with the dusk the temperature in the tent was pretty frosty.

Faces masked against a strong headwind we headed east into the sun, using it to navigate a magnetic bearing of 130?. By 2pm, just after lunch, it hung over our right shoulders casting our shadows to the left.

Today was the first day we saw no other teams and we felt we had Greenland to ourselves. We are on the world's second largest icecap and between us and the east coast lies almost 500km of ice, and an abandoned US military station called Dye II, a relic of the Cold War. Decommissioned in the 80's the radar station was part of an early warning system built across the Arctic to detect missiles from Russia.

Despite nasty blisters on Paul's feet he managed the 7+ hours though the last was a hobble and we covered a bees dick short of 19km.


Pics of Jade in my new model of Flexi Ski Bindings, Paramark, and shots of our camp.

  • Name: Camp 6
  • Elevation: 1513 m
  • Latitude: 67° 538North
  • Longitude: 48° 123West


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    2017-05-16 06:26:09 christophersontracy says: So sorry to hear about the blisters, those can be debilitating. For future expeditions, consider using leukotape. It is a medical tape that can withstand days of sweaty boots and subzero temps and stay put.
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    2017-05-15 22:23:47 JOJO says: oh no.....blisters are the worst things to have...apart from frostbite and coming in short by a bees dick!! i hope they are able to mend as crawling the rest of the way may slow things down to a turtles ass!!! love to you all and pics are splendid as usual!! XXX

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