Jade's Quest Greenland Crossing

May 12


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The cloud persisted overnight and we emerged to a white icescape pocked with hummocks of ice, all monochrome in the flat light.

The surface remained fast and we shimmied over the ice, following prescribed waypoints given to us by an old hand at Greenland crossings. But such travel doesn't sit well with me and I hanker to follow my own path using compass, map, GPS, the lay of the land and intuition. I guess we will tread the balance of the two.

Slowly we pulled away from the hummocks and entered the rolling ice plains that I remember so well from 1995, then kite skiing toward the coast we have just come from.

With a light wind from the north, after lunch we had our shell jackets on and ruffs up, everything feeling polaresque, finally.

We covered a very respectable 20km in 7 hours. Fred and I are sharing a Beef Bourguignon. Ok, not a real one but the freeze dried version is a good second best.


Pics of selfie with team, Fred wrapped in her ruff, skiing in a brief wash of sun and Fred and Heath in the tent.

  • Name: Camp 4
  • Elevation: 1202 m
  • Latitude: 67° 840North
  • Longitude: 49° 456West


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    2017-05-13 19:19:40 Lyndy and Heinz says: We are in the snow covered Alps of Austria. Following your daily reports brings back memories of our adventures in Greenland. Good luck and best wishes to you, Jade and crew.

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