Jade's Quest Greenland Crossing

May 10

slow progress

Published at 22:21
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My phone vibrated at 6am under my pillow. A good morning to Heath and Fred in my tent then a call out to Paul and Jade next door got the stoves firing and we soon had a big breakfast bomb in our bellies.

On the ice by 8.15 we hauled up on crampons through the complex maze of ice ridges, gullies, creeks and pools, taking some dead ends but overall making progress upward, toward the plateau of Greenland.

Our sleds are heavy, Heath's around 100kg, a consequence of our objective of filming this expedition.
One doesn't often complain of heat on a polar trip but here we are steaming and sweating, slathering sun cream on and skiing with peak caps and thermals. I'm itching for the cold of the plateau.

We covered just 4.5km as the crow flies, and yesterday 2.5, but it was hard won distance and we lie on our mattresses tired and happy.


Pics of the team skirting a melt pool, Heath and Fred with the Greenland icefall behind them, Heath collecting water in a billy and Jade showing her trophy of Pringles.

  • Name: Camp 2
  • Elevation: 712 m
  • Latitude: 67° 81North
  • Longitude: 49° 5321West


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    2017-05-12 07:17:54 Papa Boz says: All the best to the team and to my amazing grand daughter. Very proud Jade and excited for you that the journey has begun. Again you appreciate all the training that you have done. Thanks to all who have helped you with the training and preparation. Good luck Paul, once again you are giving Jade an amazing lifetime experience which is helping to develop her into the wonderful person that she has become. Safe trekking to all.
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    2017-05-11 18:38:52 Willylipsschipper@gmail.com says: NB Especially my admiration for Jade!
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    2017-05-11 18:31:17 Willylipsschipper@gmail.com says: All the best and say G'day to all of you
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    2017-05-11 08:54:51 julie@polarcircles.com says: Grand start! Enjoy the Pringles, Jade. How did you ever get those Pringles packed without turning to dust, Eric??? Well done.
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    2017-05-11 04:06:47 Keith Tuffley says: Wow - time for the board-shorts! All the best and say gday to Jade and Paul.

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