Jade's Quest Greenland Crossing

May 10

on ice

Published at 00:23
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We have begun our crossing of Greenland. A huge AWD bus picked us up at noon, together with another predominantly Norwegian team, and we drove 30km towards the flank of the icecap, near Point 660, the most commonly used start or destination waypoint for teams crossing at this latitude, roughly the Arctic Circle.

An hour of carrying sleds over rocky ground saw us on the edge of the world's second largest icecap with the gnarled icefall before us, waiting to be ascended to the plateau above. It's been 22 years since I crossed Greenland, that time east to west with kites and using kayaks as sleds so we could paddle sections of the coast and rivers to the sea.

This time I have Jade Hameister, a 15yo Melbourne schoolgirl who already skied to the North Pole with Icetrek in April last year and will ski to the South Pole end of this year, her dad Paul by her side on all of the trips. My good friends Frederique Olivier from Hobart and Heath Jamieson from Sydney are also with me, filming for production company WTFN who are producing a feature length doco for National Geographic.

All did exceptionally well on the ice today, crunching along in boots, slopping through deep wet snow, climbing ridges, flying drones, dragging our heavy sleds. It's awesome to be on the move again.


  • Name: Camp 1
  • Elevation: 563 m
  • Latitude: 67° 823North
  • Longitude: 49° 5937West


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    2017-05-17 01:23:15 Jacqui Mullen says: Good luck for a successful trip!! All the best, Jacqui
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    2017-05-10 07:53:54 Willylipsschipper@gmail.com says: Hi Eric and folks I think of you, have a succesful trip with pleasure. Greetings xxx Willy
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    2017-05-10 04:09:53 Rob Easther says: Good to see the drone is still intact Freddy! Hi to Eric and best wishes for the trip. Regards, Rob

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