Icetrek North Pole Ski 2017

Apr 03

Set to go

Published at 21:25
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John and I have been together in Longyearbyen now for a couple of days, preparing our sleds, food and equipment for our upcoming adventure to the North Pole. Today John took off on a snowmobiling adventure in search of polar bears but blizzard conditions thwarted a ride out to the most populous area, the east coast, and none were spotted. Nevertheless he returned full of beans having covered a fair swag of territory despite the wind and poor contrast.

Tomorrow we board the Antonov 74 jet and fly 2.5 hours to Barneo Ice Camp on the Arctic Ocean where we continue by helicopter to our start point at 89 degrees. From there we engage with pure wilderness, battling pressure ridges, leads, bitter cold and the ever-present ice underfoot as it drifts with the wind and the tides, eddies and currents of the ocean below.


  • Name: Longyearbyen
  • Elevation: 26 m
  • Latitude: 78° 1321North
  • Longitude: 15° 384East


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    2017-04-04 16:14:07 Roddy says: Look after yourself, old friend - emphasis on the 'old'! Travel safely, enjoy and great success to you both.
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    2017-04-04 15:43:14 Andrew says: Try a straight line and keep compass on due north!
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    2017-04-04 08:01:22 John says: Thanks for all the kind wishes (and poor humour!) Slightly scared and trepidacious but with Eric I am with the best guide on the planet who makes me feel very safe. The adventure begins... John
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    2017-04-04 06:08:12 Mimi says: Beautiful photos! Hope you will encounter some of these elusive Polar bears somewhere along the way - take care and stay well! M
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    2017-04-04 00:56:43 Scott says: The beginning of an adventure! Stay safe and don't forget to bring me back a T-Shirt.
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    2017-04-03 23:53:59 Karen R says: Good success! Stay safe and enjoy...
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    2017-04-03 23:15:25 Katy says: Look after each other and here's to a safe and successful adventure xx
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    2017-04-03 23:14:41 Birls says: Thanks for the updates and keep them coming. These pics of you are just a muslim girls day. They could be anyone! We need to see evidence it's actually you John such as that cannabis leaf tattoo on your butt.
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    2017-04-03 22:53:07 Jake says: Stay safe and listen to Erik!! Communicate! Waiting for the next photos!! xox

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