Svalbard Ski Expedition 2017

Mar 27


Published at 09:58
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I'd like to close the blog for this trip with a wonderful poem from Vicks' dad, Alec. Thanks Alec, it captured the spirit perfectly.

We'd been skiing all day and the pulks were okay
We homed in on the hut in the gloaming
And as the light faded we soon felt quite jaded
Thru' the ice and the cold we'd been roaming.
We were tucked up inside, with Eric the guide
And the stoves were all purring like tigers
Came a knock on the door from a furry white paw
And we guessed that a bear might be looking.
He'd been sleeping for months - but now was awake
And quite rightly thought something was cooking!
Whilst we couldn't ignore that great furry paw
The noise was appropriate warning
We'd sleep thru the night, and look out at first light
And hope that he'd gone by the morning.

Pics of skiing above Fredheim, Vicks in the hut and a panorama of Tempelfjorden from Fredheim.


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