Svalbard Ski Expedition 2017

Mar 24

Return to Longyearbyen

Published at 18:04
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We all enjoyed our final camp in the middle of Sassendalen.

The Hagglunds, driven by the good-natured Stein, whose Norwegian woollen jumper the ladies all fell in love with, picked us up just after 11 and we returned to Longyearbyen to meet up with Tom, Sabine and Rebecca.

It was a tough trip in terms of cold management and I'm sad that it resulted in some cold injuries and the splitting of the team. But it seems that everyone enjoyed their own time in this exquisitely beautiful and challenging land and came away with a learning experience. I really enjoyed everyone's company and look forward to a final dinner tomorrow night.

In the meantime we men will go out and buy Norwegian woollen jumpers!


Pic of Dean, Justine, Lorenz, Vicks and I.


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    2017-03-26 21:31:37 James says: Well done Vicks, I'm glad you were able to explore the beauty of Svalbard.
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    2017-03-24 21:59:15 Swiss Family Nicholson says: Well done team - in awe of your incredible adventure. Eric, huge thanks for leading and looking after everyone in such tough circumstances.
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    2017-03-24 21:00:49 Abby says: Have loved reading your blogs Eric, thank you. Very inspired by the whole team - amazing people you are!
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    2017-03-24 20:15:15 says: Good Luck Eric & Co xxx
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    2017-03-24 19:46:20 Eden Maxwell says: Eric is a true explorer. His fellow voyagers did well to explore with him.
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    2017-03-24 18:20:46 Hereford Supporters Club says: Brilliant effort - we will look forward to hearing about it all first hand , looking at the photos and waiting to learn what Vics' next "encore" is going to be. Never a dull moment for us spectators!

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