Svalbard Ski Expedition 2017

Mar 21


Published at 20:58
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It was another night of -32c but everyone slept a lot better with a few nights of experience under their mattresses.

A stunning day greeted us as we slowly decamped and waited for the Hagglunds to collect Rebecca, Tom and Sabine. Tom's boots had started to disintegrate but still harboured a concern for one big toe which was compromised on the 2nd day. Sabine found it impossible to regulate her temperature and struggled to keep her core warm despite the activity and adequate clothing. Rebecca was in fine form but accompanied her friend Sabine. It was a sad moment to watch them drive out of the valley. We miss you guys!

Our remaining five - Justine, Deano, Lorenz, Vicks and me - skied to the south side of the valley to visit a spectacular frozen waterfall before heading towards Tempelfjorden. We had intended to reach Fredheim but time got away and at 5pm we pitched camp in a bitter mountain shadow.

Out inner tent is lined with frozen rime, such are the vagaries of polar camping. It's -25c now, positively balmy compared with last nights biting cold.


Pics of Vicks and Justine at the waterfall, Deano and Lorenz skiing and Vicks heading towards Tempelfjorden in the fading light.

  • Name: Camp 5
  • Elevation: 15 m
  • Latitude: 78° 1853North
  • Longitude: 16° 5813East


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    2017-03-22 18:49:11 says: hi Eric and folks, What a cold trip for all of you... and dropouts, what a pity! My days were filled with flu. Succesful continuation and toi toi toi. Be careful. greetings Willy succes on your trip
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    2017-03-21 21:28:53 janno says: incredible xx
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    2017-03-21 21:12:23 Keith Tuffley says: Cool shots. Love the ice fall .. need some crampons for a climb! Smile Vicks.

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