Svalbard Ski Expedition 2017

Mar 20

spectacular light

Published at 19:25
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We enjoyed a much warmer night, around -20c, and everyone slept much better. I'm always happiest when I know people sleep well, it being a critical part of expedition functionality and enjoyment.

We skied back towards our original camp and watched as the light danced and played on the valley floor. Beautiful parhelia emerged as the sun arced behind one of the mountains, the vertical bands of rainbow hovering above a valley and saddle on either side of the peak. As we skied through the shadow cast by the mountain the temperature plummeted 8 degrees to hit -29c. The contrast between light and shade is at its starkest here in Svalbard.

A distant figure was momentarily mistaken for a polar bear until stick legs and a stocky body revealed a reindeer foraging on scant buried grass.


Pic of our smiley team.

  • Name: Camp 4
  • Elevation: 21 m
  • Latitude: 78° 1544North
  • Longitude: 17° 1416East


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    2017-03-20 23:19:36 Rob Smith says: Don't you just love those herds of parhelia, beautiful creatures, inquisitive and friendly! Sound like goats though.
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    2017-03-20 21:12:45 Keith Tuffley says: Nice pic! Say hi to Vicks, and watch out for the parhelia ... How's the tent humour going?

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