Svalbard Ski Expedition 2017

Mar 17

We begin

Published at 19:41
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We have begun our journey into the icy wilderness. After a day and a half of packing and preparing our Hagglunds oversnow vehicle collected us at 1pm and a 2 hour bumpy and cramped ride took us out to Sassendalen, Sassen Valley. Low clouds shroud the surrounding mountains giving the location a somewhat clandestine feeling but everyone wore big smiles as we waved farewell to our driver.

We skied for an hour up the valley, with Tom striding out a hefty pace, followed by Lorenz, the Swiss girls Rebecca and Sabine, and at the back Justine, Dean, Vicks and then me. Pulling up at 4.45 I wanted time to use the remaining daylight to get settled.

We're now camped, its around -20c, our polar bear perimeter alarm is set, everyone is snug in our 4 tents and the sky is clearing. We couldn't ask for a better day 1.


  • Name: Day 1
  • Elevation: 5 m
  • Latitude: 78° 152North
  • Longitude: 17° 1359East


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    2017-03-20 16:04:48 Dieter Kraus says: Hi Rebecca how do You feel with these temperatures
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    2017-03-18 10:19:13 Mireille says: All the best for the trip, great to get a trip update every day :-). Take care, liebe Grüsse speziell an Lorenz, Rebecca und Sabine! Mireille
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    2017-03-18 07:55:30 says: Stay safe guys. Good Luck and all the best/ big hugs xxx
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    2017-03-18 01:06:59 Mt Creek Hobart says: Good luck Guys, Stay safe, All the best from the Mountain Creek Crew Hobart
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    2017-03-17 23:44:06 jojo says: what a wonderful start to the adventure!! hope it proves to be smooth from hereon in!! XXX
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    2017-03-17 20:07:03 Abby says: Great to hear Day 1 was good Vicks - great photo - but which one are you? - hard to see!!! Let me know how to spot you in future pics! Big hug.
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    2017-03-17 19:47:15 Keith Tuffley says: I'm a bit worried you're at the back of the pack. Hmm.

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